About Us

About Impact Positioning

The name Impact Positioning was chosen very deliberately. It is what we do but it is also why we do it. It’s our “marketing agency” as well as our “marketing mission”. It helps us decide who we serve and how we market them in order for us to have a positive impact in the world.

“Impact Positioning” As Our Marketing Agency

“Positioning local businesses to make an impact” is we do. This is the core of all our local marketing strategies. We do this by positioning your business online where you will make the most impact in the mind of your prospects.

  • With Google My Business, this is in the top 1-3 positions in the map pack. 
  • With search results, this is on the front page.
  • With content, this is providing answers to the burning questions of your prospects.
  • With reputation, this is your showcasing reviews to help you stand out as the best solution to your prospect’s concerns.
  • With social, this is showing up where your target audience is and connecting with them.
  • With email, this is intentionally creating a personal experience in your prospect’s inbox.

We love to use local positioning to turn your underperforming online assets into non-stop lead generating machines.

“Impact Positioning” As Our Marketing Mission

Because our work helps people in an area choose who to do business with, we choose to use local positioning to support businesses that have a positive impact on their community.

For this reason, we choose to only work with businesses that embrace equality, diversity, representation, accessibility, and fairness in their business practices and in their marketing.

It is our privilege to help businesses like these grow and to share their message.

  • We strive to ensure that website content is ADA friendly and accessible to all.
  • We use stock photos showing inclusion, accessibility, and representation.
  • We use messaging that is supportive and not shaming of target audiences.
  • We strive to use marketing tactics that are healthy and not triggering for neurodivergent, traumatized, or marginalized audiences.
  • We avoid any marketing tactics that are bullying, negatively manipulative, or insulting.

For example, while what we do for you could be considered “eliminating the competition”, we do this by focusing on what makes you different and helping you to stand out. When possible, we position you as a category creator and industry pioneer rather than position your competitors negatively, bad mouthing them, or trying in any way to hurt their reputation. After all, they are community members just like you.

By helping to position your business for impact online so you have a steady stream of leads becoming prospects becoming customers, we hope to help your business reach its full potential. Ideally, this should ensure the success and longevity of your company. This also should ideally help to ensure your continued positive influence in your community. Together we can help to influence your community as an inviting place for everyone to live, to work, and to do business.

This is why we do what we do.

If this is interests you, please reach out to us and let’s work together to help more people in Davis County (our community) or wherever your community is.