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Turn Your Underperforming Local Marketing Assets into 24/7 Lead Generating Machines!

Find Out The #1 Easy Local Marketing Strategy You Can Use To Appeal To Prospects, Convert Them to Customers, Lock In Lifetime Loyalty, And Boost Your Brand – That Most Local Businesses Are Not Doing!

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Give Your Local Business The Ultimate Competitive Advantage!

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Hey Business Owner – does your business stand out as the obviously clear choice in your market?

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What is the current state of your local marketing assets? Are they pulling their weight or are they under performing?

Brand Positioning Assessment

Are you competing on the same factors as your competitors? Would you like to see how your current online presence clearly explains why consumers should choose you instead of another business in your area.

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Website Critique

Concerned that your website isn’t getting you enough new customers? Find out what simple changes can make your website connect with consumers and encourage them to do business with you.

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Local Search Audit

Want to be found quickly by people who need your products or services? Discover where Google is ranking your business and what needs to be done to make your business Google’s highest recommendation.

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Let’s work together to position your business to make an impact!

Do you need help getting more leads, customers, and sales? Is your business being overlooked by search engines? Are you struggling to get enough foot traffic or inquiry calls?

Let’s work together to fix that.

We turn your underperforming online assets (like your website, your Google Business Profile, your social media, your email messaging, and your online reviews) into profitable local marketing lead generating machines working 24/7 for you!

By doing this, you can have multiple competitive advantages in your buyer’s journey to help them make the trip all the way from “potential lead” to “loyal lifetime customer”.

You will be the clear 100% obviously best choice in your area for what you do. Hands down. No question. Point blank period.

So, what are some of the services you can choose from to make this happen?

Local Marketing Services

You can choose any of our local positioning services. Each service is available as stand alone or as part of a bundle. Pricing is a la carte with no hidden surprises.

Local SEO and Google Business Profile Help

You probably already know you want your site to rank on the front page of the search engines. But do you also know how critical it is for your business to be a top 3 suggestion by Google in the map pack? Especially for mobile phone searches. These spots should come with “cha-ching” sound effects because they are the difference between getting found and getting sales or getting overlooked by the competition. Whatever else you may do, we urge you to not just leave these spots open for your local competition to claim! Found out how “Search Positioning” (local search optimization) can put your business at the top of the map pack.

[Local Search Optimization]

Reputation Management Help

Have you been around for awhile and do you have lots of happy customers who love you? Would anyone be able to tell this based on your online reviews? What about on reviews sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and TrustPilot? Reviews matter more than ever. Your reviews need to better quality and higher quantity than your competition to reassure prospects. Don’t let how awesome you are be your community’s best kept secret. If you want to let prospects know that your business absolutely rocks at what you d, then Reviews Positioning (reputation management) is what you need!

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Website Improvement Help

Is your site driving customers away instead of inspiring them to call or come by? Is your website getting beaten in the search results by your competition? Your website is more than just a billboard. It is the online version of your business. It needs to be doing some heavy lifting as a local marketing asset for you. Don’t let a weak website scare away your prospects. Find out how we can help your website inspire your customers to do business with you.

[Website Improvement Help]

Local Social Media

Are you not sure what the point of social media is for your business? Do you need help to make it work for your business? Done right, social media is the reassuring personal touch that validates all of your other online assets. By helping you with your Social Positioning, your social media can be an easy and effective tool to turn lurkers into buyers.

[Local Social Media Help]

Email and SMS Marketing

Is your email marketing setup to build a personal connection with your audience? Do you love the ease of autoresponders (who doesn’t?) but would you prefer a more connected email experience when talking to prospects and leads? By using Email Positioning, you are able to create an engaging email experience that doesn’t make your lead or prospect feel like one of the masses but still comes with ease and automation that makes your marketing easy.

[Email Marketing Help]

Content Marketing

Do you regularly update your website? Are you continually adding content that answers questions and informs and reassures your prospects? Are you using press releases to keep your community informed about the interesting things your business does? Have you maximized all the different ways you can help your prospects make informed buying decisions? Content Positioning (essentially content marketing with super powers) is often skipped because it is so time consuming. If you need help to make content marketing work for you, you are definitely in the right place.

[Content Marketing Help]

Inclusive Messaging

Does your online presence feel inviting and welcoming to everyone in your target audience? Are you providing content that is accessible to as many people as possible and is ADA compliant? Are you unintentionally excluding people in your local area who need your services but they don’t feel included and represented in your marketing? While not everyone is your target audience, it isn’t uncommon to find that some people who may be your target audience can feel left out by outdated marketing perspectives. Adding Diverse Positioning to your local marketing assets can ensure that your website is ADA compliant, your messaging is inclusive, your imaging is representative, and your marketing is welcoming to the people of your community.

[Inclusive Messaging Help]

Impact Positioning Consulting

Why should prospects choose your company to do business with? What makes you different from everyone else in your industry? What do you do that is completely unique to you? Sometimes the biggest hurdle to local business success is not being positioned uniquely enough. With Brand Positioning, you can separate yourself from the competitors in your area and stand out. Your new brand position can make a powerful impact online and in the minds of your future customers. You become the clear choice to do business with.

[Impact Positioning Help]

Partner With Us

You know you need help getting leads, customers, and sales. That is what brought you here. We would love to partner with you when you are ready to position your business to stand out from your competitors and reach your business’s full potential.

When you partner with us, you have over 52 years of marketing experience serving you with. While it is true that marketing is “part art and part science”, you are served with as much experience and scientific precision possible so your business gets marketing that works.

Also, you are in control. You select the services you want. All of our services are “done with you” rather than “done for you”. Our a la carte pricing is fair to you and fair to us. Pricing is upfront with no surprises. Add or remove any services at any time. Whether you want to select just one of our services or you want a full concierge marketing experience, you are in control of what you get.

Our done-with-you process (no “just-trust-us, we-don’t-need-your- input” marketing done here!) includes you every step of the way to ensure you are being represented as beneficially and authentically as possible. You can assign an employee to work with us, we can communicate with your whole company, or we can work just directly with you. Whatever works best for you.

So, when you are interested in using a marketing agency that gives you results instead of excuses, call 1 (801) 882-2378 and talk with Mindy. We would love to work with you.

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Impact Positioning is a full-service local marketing agency located in Layton, Utah. We serve local businesses around the US so they can grow their business. Please contact us if you are interested, even if you are not in the Layton, Utah area.