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Want Your Business To Have All The Customers You Can Handle?

We Position Your Business Online To Get All The Clients You Can Handle!

We embrace this key truth: Every marketing dollar you spend eventually needs to turn into more clients.

That's what we do for you.

We provide a complete, comprehensive online solution to position your business online to get found in search, help with your social media, improve your online reputation, and get your ads in front of your perfect prospects. We do all of this to position your business online to get more prospects and customers. 

Search Positioning


We care very much about your search engine results positioning. Your business deserves to come up at the top of the results anytime a prospect is looking for your services online. That is why our services always begin with optimizing your business for excellent rankings. 

Keyword Research
Baseline Ranking Report
On Site Optimization
Off Site Optimization
Content Creation
Blog Updates

Google My Business Listing
Yahoo Small Business Local Listing
Bing Places For Business
Local Business Directories
Authority Backlinks


Of course, we take tremendous care of your business social media presence. We work with you to create the best posts and utilize hashtags to promote your business, your services or products, and any special events or promotions you may have.

Set Up Social Media Platforms
Create Status Updates
Coordinate With Your Marketing Efforts
Our Exclusive Social Media Planner

Update Facebook Regularly
Update Google Plus Regularly
Update Twitter Regularly
Help Grow Your Presence Online

Not only that, but we will also craft a press release twice a year on your behalf and syndicate them though Google News, Yahoo News, and over 400 other news syndicates. 

Social Media Positioning
Visitor Positioning


Next, we find out what it is like for new visitors to visit your website. We want to know about your "user experience optimization".

Hundreds of Visitors Test Your Site
Is Site Is Found In Search?
Is Site Easy to Understand?
Is Site Easy to Navigate?

Watch Videos of Visitor Experiences
Read Comments of Visitor Experiences
Adjust Site to Address Problem Areas
Improve Site Conversion Rate 

There is no point in sending increased traffic to your website if your website isn't converting visitors into interested prospects or buying customers. Skipping this important step in your online plan would be a very big mistake.


What matters even more than what your website or your social media updates say about you is what your customers say about you!

Your reputation should be more than managed, it should be marketed!

Build Reputation Marketing System
Build Testimonial Landing Page on Site
Help Gather Client Emails
Email Clients to Encourage Reviews

Create a Feedback System for Problems
Help to Fix Problem Areas
Distribute Reviews to 3rd Party Sites
Create Reputation Videos

Not only are reviews vital to establishing trust online, they assist in local SEO (especially for your Google+ page), they are wonderful content for social media, they are crucial to your website conversion rate, and they help you to find areas of your business where you are doing great and where you need help that you may not be aware of. Reputation positioning is an essential part of your online marketing plan.

Ad Positioning

Here is where your marketing dollars turn into new clients. Retargeting your site visitors means that your website will be advertised to your prospects wherever they go online. Real time bidding means that your ad can be shown to specific users (your demographic) on another website.

Gets repeat visitors to site
Encourages them to buy if they didn't
Keeps you on the mind of your prospect

RTB Advertising:
Cheaper than Google PPC or Facebook
Gets you new site visitors
Ties into retargeting to get return visits

Once we find the sweet spot for your business, we can generate traffic to your website and turn them into new clients or customers in a predictable and systematic way. This is when things really get good!

Local Marketing "Impact Positioning" Package Pricing

Our local marketing packages include all of the above services to insure the best results for your business. The package pricing is determined by the population size of the local area you wish to reach.

Ryan Garner - Wellness Consultant

"Mindy Has Been Priceless To Our Organization"

"I have had the pleasure to work closely with Mindy for many years. Her detail-oriented mind and expert analysis have been priceless to our organization. Her approach is thorough and comprehensive. Her work is precise and impeccable. As a web marketer myself, I routinely seek her expertise. It was Mindy I went to when Google released Google Panda and Google Penguin. Mindy is also well connected. She knows the top industry leaders and stays ahead of what's happening with internet marketing and web design. No matter what you're looking for in internet marketing, I highly recommend Mindy for consultation and work."

"Danny Understands All Aspects Of Online Marketing"

“Danny is one of the best link building experts I have had the fortune to work with. Additional to that, he understands all of the aspects of online media and marketing and works to integrate them into everything we do. He is smart, knowledgeable, visionary and I would recommend that everybody gets a chance to see what he can do.”

Andrew Freeman
Larry Black

My Business Exists Online Because Of Danny and Mindy

“I have confidently let Danny and Mindy handle all of my online presence for years.  They handle everything and I just focus on taking care of my clients. I am very happy with what they do for me.”

About Mindy Koch

Mindy Koch - Black

Hi, I am Mindy Koch, the owner of Impact Positioning, LLC. I love online marketing and have been doing it since 1998. Over the past few years, I have focused on authority positioning and complete online presence domination. I am completely confident that if you will let me help you position you online, your business will be completely revolutionized. You will be the no-brainer first choice to every future client and customer looking online for a company that offers your services.

I'm Danny Stansfield and I have a knack of finding new ways to drive traffic, leads, and experience online. I have worked with companies like eBay, Sears, Olive Garden, Gannett, and more in innovative online marketing. I love to do things better than the competition and to stay ahead of the curve. I promise that I will have better ideas and more effective, comprehensive solutions than any other online strategist you will talk to or do business with. Your business will absolutely succeed online. If you are great at what you do, I am great at getting you found by customers looking for you. 

Danny Stansfield