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Google Profile: Can a Google Profile Help You?

Google Profile Mindy Koch Search Result

Google Profile Search Result for Mindy Koch

SEO Maryland Tip: Google Profile

Have you set up your Google Profile yet?  If you haven’t, you should.  Setting up your Google Profile can benefit you by giving you useful backlinks to your sites and also by giving you positive input on your online reputation.  It only takes a few minutes to do, and the benefits of your Google Profile show up immediately and provide long-term results.

I encourage all my Maryland local business clients to use google tools as part of their online marketing strategy.  A gmail address allows you to use several great tools for your business: Google Adwords Keywords Tool, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools. At you can see most of the Google Accounts available to you.

A very simple Google resource that anyone with a Gmail address can use is Google Profile.  Your Google Profile page is one page search result for “YOU” that you can create quickly and for free.  It only takes 10 minutes to setup and it is a great resource to get your name branded online.  Your Google Profile is especially useful if you have a common name.

If you have a gmail account for your local business, you can set up a google profile for account that as well.  I recommend that you do.  One personal google profile and a local business one. I will talk more about whether a google profile is a good fit for your business at the end of this article.

Google Profile Benefits

So, how is this useful?

  • It shows up when someone “googles” your name.
  • You have control over the content.
  • It can help push down results for your “name search” that you may not like.
  • It acts as a hub for you to link your various profiles together.
  • It adds “Google Juice” in a backlink to your site.

(IMPORTANT: This is just a profile page, this isn’t your Google Places page for your business.  I will talk more about Google Places in my next post.)

If you have a gmail account, you already have access to google profile.  Simply log into your gmail account and head over to Google Profile.

Google Profile Mindy Koch

Google Profile for Mindy Koch

Google Profile Tips

1 – Use the “ten words to describe” area to place some good keywords about what you do. Definitely put in your main keyword phrase that your business site focuses.

2 – Occupation is another place you can put some valuable keywords about what you do

3 – Have your location in the map match the city, state of your local business

4 – Put on the address and phone number for your work.  Even though it won’t be visible on your profile page to anyone but your contacts, it is still seen by Google.

5 – Allow all your contacts to see your work address and phone number.

6 – IMPORTANT GOOGLE PROFILE TIP! Click the URL option and select a vanity url for your profile.

7 – Make sure your “Search Visibility” is on.

8 – MOST IMPORTANTLY  - Use the text area to put a link to your local business website and also put a link to your website in your links on the side.  At the time of this writing, the links are currently “dofollow”. They have been “nofollow” in the past and may be so again.

Google Profile Instant Rewards

SERP for Impact Positioning - Google Profile

SERP for Impact Positioning - Google Profile

One of the BEST rewards of this 10 minute task is enjoying the immediate results of setting up your Google Profile.   Wait a few minutes and then head over to google search.  Do a search for your name.  Do you see your Google Profile in the search results?  Within minutes, your personal and your business profile will race to the top of the search results.  This can hurdle you over an insane amount of search engine results.  The Google Profile page for “Impact Positioning” came to the top results over 28,100,000 search results.

GET ON TOP OF 28,100,100 results in less than five minutes???? That is AWESOME!  One of the most rewarding links you build.  Talk about instant and long-lasting gratification!

There are VERY FEW TIPS I am going to give you that will work this quickly and this effectively at impacting your online reputation and linking to your website.  So if you haven’t setup your Google Profile yet, I strongly encourage you to go do it now!

But if you want to STILL keep reading – (thanks for the compliment, if you do!) then I am going to give you a heads up on some of the upcoming posts about how to leverage your Google Profile for even more benefits.

Upcoming posts:

Google Profile is Necessary for Google Buzz will help you to understand another reason you MUST have a google profile and will teach you the advantages of using Google Buzz

Google Profile: an Essential Step to Controlling Online Reputation will go more into how beneficial your Google Profile can be to influencing your online reputation.

Google Profile: Part of a Social Media Strategy will talk about  how a google profile is a useful component of your social media strategy.

As you can see, I believe strongly in having a Google Profile page. It affects your backlinking strategy, your online reputation strategy, and your social media strategy.  How great is that?  Even if it is only a personal google profile page, it can still positively impact your business.

Is A Google Profile A Good Fit For Your Business?

I own a Google Profile for “Mindy Koch” and another Google Profile for “Impact Positioning”.  Both of these are my “brands” online that I want to manage and market.  Some businesses are a simple fit for having a profile page online.  You may not feel that your business would be a fit for a Google Profile page.

Let me show you something.  Search for your business keyword in the Google Profile search box. Not the Google search box.  The GOOGLE PROFILE search box.

I just searched for Pizza. Oh boy – LOTS of google profile pages!  100 pages of Google results of Google Profiles.  Up to page 70 has Pizza in the name specifically.   Searching for dry cleaners revealed 37,500 profile pages about dry cleaners. Other terms I searched: wood furniture (153,000), wedding day of coordinator (36,600), dentist (604,000), realtor (2,770,000), tanning salons (36,700), and shutters (29,600).  As you can see, there were LOTS of results for each of these.

So, do you still think your business isn’t a good fit for a Google Profile page?

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